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"The Affair of the Green Crayon," The Baker Street Irregulars: The Game is Afoot


“There’s been a murder.” Sherlock stood in a dark coat, a coffee in each hand. In the safety lights of the hallway he looked almost excited.

“There’s been a….what? I’m sorry, what?”

“A murder. At Baker School. You’ll need to put on better pants. I’ll wait.”

In a confused pre-dawn haze, unsure I wasn’t still dreaming, I prepared myself for a day at school. Though if what he had told me was true there would be no class today.


"The Ghost of Luther Lashaway," Landfall


He hated casinos. The acrid, stale cigarette smoke clinging to every slot machine made his eyes water. But casinos were a good way to get drunk for free, if he played his cards right.


But tonight, he hadn’t.


The Master Theorem

TMT Team Member

Dubbed "Mensa's evil twin" by The New York Times, The Master Theorem originated in 2011 as an online "secret society of solvers."


These are not your average puzzles. They're each completely unique, beautifully illustrated, "escape room"-like puzzles that’ll have you decrypting messages and tackling creative brain-teasers. Solvers will enjoy weeks to months of neuron-growing entertainment as they work their way through 40+ perplexing puzzles and become experts in codes, ciphers, and the mysteries of the universe.


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