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Alum Aims to Prove that Money Does Grow on Trees

MIT Alumni Association

As a young boy growing up in Ghana, Kwami Williams ’12 loved breaking things down to see how the parts fit together.


“I was the nerdy kid that broke everyone’s toys trying to figure out how they worked,” says Williams. “I was born with the desire to tinker.”

What Would You Do with 10 Extra Years?

MIT Alumni Association

Joe Betts-LaCroix SM ’92 hopes humans will live long and prosper enough to populate the universe. And the science behind his latest startup just might help us get there.


Retro Biosciences, started in 2021, aims to give humans 10 more healthy years of living by tackling the mechanisms behind a wide range of aging diseases, rather than merely treating symptoms of age.

Elsa Olivetti and Rafael Gomez-Bombarelli Develop New Recipes for New Materials

MIT Spectrum

WHAT IF WE COULD IMPROVE THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT of the products that run our world, from the catalysts that drive chemical reactions to the cement used in buildings and many things in between?

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Seeing the Invisible: Innovations in Imaging at the Marine Biological Laboratory

Monet Bland, World Champion Lifter and Joslin Physiologist

Mark Bear Beckman-Argyros Video

Performance-Enhancing Bacteria Found in the Microbiomes of Elite Athletes

Joslin Researchers Restore Beta Cell Function by Deleting Old Cells

Insulin Goes Viral

Trial Suggests Way to Personalize Heart Health in Diabetes

Joslin discovery may hold clues to treatments that slow aging and related chronic diseases

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